“Fizicheskoe Obrazovanie v VUZah” (Physics in Higher Education) is a Russian journal on physics published since 1995 year. The founders of the Physics in Higher Education journal are the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation, Ltd. Rusushpribor, and Interregional Public Organization Moscow Physical Society.

Physics in Higher Education is published by Publishing House of the Moscow Physical Society (OOO “Izdatelskiy Dom MFO”) 4 times per year. A volume of each issue is more than 160 pages. The journal is intended for all physics faculties in universities in Russia and CIS. Physics in Higher Education is a journal for the publication of high-quality, original articles and short-form papers, information notes and advertisement on all main aspects of the physics science, education, technology, design and introduction of new devices, techniques and technologies for laboratory experiments. The Physics in Higher Education journal gives the latest information on new education technology, applications and latest achievements of physical science. The given journal is unique, covering all urgent questions of teaching of physics in high school, and, it becomes the main means of dialogue of faculties of physics of high schools of Russia and the countries of CIS. Editor–in–Chief Oleg N. Krokhin – academician of  the Russian Academy of  Sciences, P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute) Moscow, Russia.

The basic sections of Physics in Higher Education:
1. Conceptual and methodical questions of teaching of a general physics in high school, technical school, college.
2. Questions of teaching of general physics at technical universities.
3. Modern laboratory practical work on physics.
4. Demonstration lecture experiment.
5. Technique audio, video and computer training.
6. Questions of general physics teaching in pedagogical universities and special average educational institutions.
7. Current practice in table-top physical experiment.
8. Links between general physics with other disciplines.
9. Integration of a Higher School and Russian Academy of Sciences.
Our journal is bilingual (clauses in Russian and English languages are accepted) and is distributed in Russia and countries of CIS. In Russia the Physics in Higher Education is distributed to qualify teachers, professors, engineers, scientists, and other professionals primarily involved in the research and education, and application of new technologies in the Russian industry. The journal deals with problems of physics and natural science education discussed on main local and foreign conferences.
Manuscript and a copy in Russian (and in English for author outsite Russia) should be submitted to Editorial Board of Physics in Higher Education. Type once-spaced, and submit the original and a copy (including copies of all illustrations and tables). The copy must be dark, sharp, and clear. A title page should include the title of the article, author`s name, institution, city, state, postmail address and e-mail. An abstract (in Russian and English) is to be provided preferably no longer than 100 words. In addition, it is desirable to sent manuscripts to the Executive Secretary by e-mail: kalachev@sci.lebedev.ru 
We ask you to send to address our edition of clauses concerning subjects of our journal (is desirable on the basis of experience of your high school). The size of clause should not exceed 15 pages (including figures and literature). For the publication it is necessary to send to address edition 2 copies of clause in a firm copy. Also it is necessary to apply a CD disk with the electronic version of clause typed in WINWORD (Parameters of a set of clause: a font - Times New Roman Cyr.; indentations - top - 2,2 cm; bottom - 7 cm; left - 3 cm; right - 4,5 cm; an interval – one and half). It is necessary to specify a affiliation of the authors, post and electronic addresses, annotation (less 100 words), keywords and also name of clause in English. For acceleration of the publication it is desirable to send it on electronic mail to address edition. Clauses should be accompanied by the summary in Russian and English languages.
It would be desirable to pay your attention that the advantage will be given authors, which faculties will subscribe for our journal, at the publication of clauses, information messages on the books, issued by you, and methodical manuals, and also your messages of advertising character.
We are ready to publish your promotional materials, custom-made clauses and other commercial projects. The information on the quotations on these services and conditions of a subscription can be received in edition.
Having subscribed on a magazine, your faculty will assist development of physical education in Russia, will help dialogue of the teachers of physics of Russia and countries of CIS.

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