Physics in Higher Education
Т. 5, N 1, 1999
The contents

3 Federal dedicated program "State support of integration of higher education and fundamental science on 1997 - 2000"
5 About a course of realization of the federal dedicated program "State support of integration of higher education and fundamental science on 1997 - 2000 ". A stage of 1998
T.V. Marinina
12 Educational scientific centres as integrating structures
V.N. Ochkin
16 Physics educational scientific centre "Fundamental optics and spectroscopy". Development of an infrastructure and basic results of activity in 1998
O.N. Krokhin, V.N. Ochkin, I.N. Zavestovskaya
40 Section "Quantum devices and nanotechnologies" of Physics educational scientific centre "Fundamental optics and spectroscopy"
Yu.V. Kopaev
53 Student's laboratory practical work in system of Physics educational scientific centre "Fundamental optics and spectroscopy"
O.A. Akzypetrov
63 16-th ICONO - International Conference on Coherent and Nonlinear Optics.and Summer School - short rates of young scientists
K.N. Drabovich
67 Spatial rotation of two beams of light in Kerr's environment
A.S. Desyatnikov
85 New approaches to creation of ohmic contacts for heterostructures with quantum wells
S.V. Yevstigneev, D.S. Shipitsin
91 Mechanisms of emitting recombination in InGaN/AlGaN/GaN heterojunctions with quantum wells
98 Diffusing-wave spectroscopy in media with spatially heterogeneous scatterer dynamics
S.E. Skipetrov
110 Investigations of dissipative processes in the electromagnetic fields in the HTSC composites
A.E. Khodot, A.V. Eremin
126 Generation of stable ultrashort pulses by lasers controlled by solid-state optoelectronic negative feedback
D.B.Vorchik, Yu.V.Shabalin
136 Memories Nikolay Ivanovich Koroteev
139 Advertising



Spatial Rotation of Two Light Beams in Kerr's Environment

A.S. Desyatnikov

The Moscow Physical Engineering Institute

Effect of rotation theoretically is investigated in process of distribution in Kerr's environment of optical beams. The connected condition with formation of spatial structure similar spiral, can arise, when the beams are directed uncomplanar. For a case of equal beams power the analytical decision of the equations of a variational task is found. The numerical decision of the equations for radiuses of beams, distance between their centres and corner of rotation has shown, that if the capacities of beams are less than critical capacity self-focusing, it is possible to choose parameters of beams, when diffraction дифракционное dispersion is slower process in comparison with formation of a spiral. The area of capacities of beams is determined in which the reception of several complete revolutions of beams on final distance is possible.


New Approaches to Creation of Ohmic Contacts for Heterostructures with Quantum Wells

Yevstigneev S.V., Shipitsin D.S.

Moscow State Institute of Electronic Engineering (Technical University)


The new method of creation of selfforming local ohmic contacts to the same type conductivity quantum wells and forming of nonalloyed contacts to a heterojunction transistor structure is described.


Mechanisms Radiative Recombination in Heterostructures on a basis InGaN/AlGaN/GaN with quantum holes

A.N. Turkin

M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University,

Physical faculty, faculty of optics and spetroscopy

119899, Moscow


Spectra of electroluminosity of light-blue and green lightdiodes (LD) on a basis multy layers heterostructures InxGa1-xN/AlyGa1-yN/GaN with thin (2 - 3 nm) active InxGa1-xN layer are investigated in an interval of temperatures 100 - 300 K and in a wide range of currents J = 0,01 - 20 mA.


Diffusing-Wave Spectroscopy in Media with SpatiallyHeterogeneous Scatterer Dynamics

S.E. Skipetrov

Technique of diffusing-wave spectroscopy (DWS) is proposed and theoretically justified for turbid media with spatially heterogeneous scatterer dynamics. It is shown that DWS can be used for visualizing macroscopically heterogeneous regions of the medium (e.g., for visualization of flows). Influence of ponderomotive effects on correlation properties of multiply scattered light is studied as well.


Investigations of Dissipative Processes in the Electromagnetic Fields in the HTSC Composites

A.E. Khodot, A.V. Eremin

The Moscow State Physical Engineering Institute

( Technical university), Moscow, 115409, Kashirskoe highway, 31


Results of AC transport losses measurements are presented for 7, 19, 37, 61, 91, 127, 169, 703 - filamentary Bi-2223/Ag tapes. The measurements have been carried out both in self-field conditions and at the external magnetic field applied to the tape at the different angles and at different temperatures. The dependencies of the AC losses on current amplitude and frequency have been obtained. It is found that for all tapes the current amplitude dependencies of the AC losses show good agreement with the Norris prediction for an elliptical or strip geometry. It was found the increase of the external magnetic field results in increase of AC transport losses is only through the change of the critical current. So the transport AC losses in the tapes are the "saturation losses" that is differ than classic hysteresis losses. Local measurements of hysteresis losses have shown that the values of the losses in various points of investigated tapes are different more than 30%.


Generation of Stable Ultra Short Pulses by Lasers with Solid-State an Electro Optics Negative Feedback

D. B. Vorchik, Yu. V. Shabalin

The original electro optics circuits are applied for management of generation of pulse lasers on YAlG:Nd3+ and phosphat - Nd glass. The circuits are based on use of fast high-voltage silicon structures (voltage 1- 10 kV, time of the response of a photocurrent ? ~ 0,5 ns). The steady mode of self-synchronization of styles is achieved only at the expense of action moved on time optoelectronic negative feedback. Two techniques of management are realized: on the basis of elementary relaxator and with self-excitation of resonant electrical fluctuations of a GHz range. At use of a sated absorber the mode of hybrid synchronization of styles with the increased stability of generated pulses is received. For the laser on phosphat - Nd glass the duration of a pulse has made < 0.8 ps.